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Our Story

bu care offers small batch natural skin care, carefully formulated using responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure high quality and freshness. We combine the power of nature with the effectiveness of science to bring to you products that offer the results you love without the harsh chemicals.


What does bU stand for? 

bU  (be . you)  Be Yourself

That's it! Just be yourself

Growing up in the village of Mayo, Trinidad, our founder, always wanted to become a professional in the world of work. She went on to study and spend her early career in Electrical & Computer Engineering.  She has always been pro financial stability  and would never take risks with her career, but her journey did not end there. She did what engineers do best; research! Lots of it!

"I am constantly on the hunt for natural remedies, healthy living and general physical and mental well being."Just as eating well and exercising is important to maintain your mental and physical health, healthy and beautiful skin is achieved with consistency and quality products.


Unfortunately, quality products became synonymous with exorbitant prices along with added chemicals and preservatives to either extend their shelf life or minimize production costs.

Did you know that these harsh chemicals in our skincare affect our skin? Having suffered for years with eczema and sensitive skin, she always turned to fresh ingredients, making her home remedies using natural alternatives inspired by Ayurvedic Medicine.  What if this worked?  What if a higher quality, more affordable alternative can be offered. That led to the birth of bu care, a botanical skin care company and Curve Candle Co., a hand poured candle company which were both created with physical and mental self care in mind.

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